Let’s MPOWR Our Community Together

MPOWR Community’s powerful suite of features can meet your mission critical engagement, case management, collaboration, and data needs. Whether you are simply looking for a better way to manage your organization and engage with your participants, or you already have a database platform you need to use, MPOWR Community has a solution.

Features Main

Core building blocks to MPOWR Community include…

Not Just Another Social Network

Enable comprehensive inter-organization and community member engagement with an integrated, social network-like experience – connection made easy!

  • Create a home page with organization details, contact info, and a real-time news feed complete with posts and events
  • Share posts and events with social networks you already use
  • “Connect” with other local organizations to facilitate collaboration and communication
  • Integrated chat-style messaging between one or more users
Secure Social Network
MPOWR-ed Engagement Mobile

MPOWR-ed Engagement with Community Members

Invite participants to create a free account and take ownership of their engagement. In a community with a full collaboration of organizations, participants have a more seamless, integrated experience managing enrollments, communication, and paperwork across programs.

  • Participants complete an asset-based, vision-centered profile and manage information sharing with community organizations
  • Maintaining account information is simple with an intuitive, mobile-friendly, online portal
  • Program paperwork made easy! The Community Member Hub organizes a participant’s “to-do” items (event invitations, paperwork requests, etc.) integrated across any engaged organization
  • Communicate with participants and exchange files directly through the internal messaging system
  • Send participants electronic forms to complete, including legally binding digital signature capture

Easily Manage Participant Information

Add and manage participants and household information, and track their data through a centralized interface.

  • Search, sort, and filter participant records with a flexible search system
  • Create and save custom filters to quickly display and work with groups of participants based on information unique to their profile
  • Manage all participant engagement and case management data (i.e. activities and notes) together in the Participant Portfolio
  • Get the big picture with up-to-date status’, to-do’s, and actionable insights in the Participant Snapshot
Manage Participant Info
Program Groups

Program Groups

Manage and track participation in classes or structured programs in your organization.

  • Create single or multi-session classes, workshops, or program groups to meet your organization’s mission
  • Configure group session options such as date, time, recurrence, or meeting location – physical address or virtual conference link
  • Enroll participants and track session attendance
  • Manage communication with enrolled participants through group home page posts and activity feed

Powerful Form Builder

Your data collection needs are as unique as your organization. MPOWR Community’s powerful, drag-and-drop form builder enables you to create the virtual paperwork you need to collect, store, or download data entered either directly by connected  participants or by organization staff.

  • Choose from 7 common field types and build forms to collect information not facilitated through the participant profile, create assessments, goals, and more
  • Group related fields together and create conditional field logic to enable specific data collection workflows
  • Create comprehensive forms with 13 additional advanced field types including a legally binding electronic signature
  • When participants have accounts, both the individual and the organization have instant, organized e-records of the form data exchange
  • Form data can be exported for integrating with other systems. If you have other databases, use Community to virtually collect information directly from participants and store in the systems you are already using
  • Track changes in form data over time, share form designs with connected organizations, and print physical copies for your records
Powerful Form Builder

What else you should know…

Search & Referral

You are part of a larger community. Participants and organization users search the community directory by organization name and services keywords. Create, send, and receive participant referrals across the network.

Program & Team Management

Organize users into programs, departments, and teams. Manage program group and participant assignments and incoming referral routing workflows based on configured teams.

Facilitate Collaboration

We are better together. Backbone and lead organizations can facilitate meaningful change in their communities through collaborative program and peer networking groups. (Coming Soon)

Virtual Invitations Help Grow your Community

The platform includes customizable invitations to support participant adoption and to share the benefits of MPOWR Community with other organizations.

Support & Services

Our engagement team has deep social sector experience. They will work with you to support implementation, system adoption, and establish peer learning and networking opportunities.

Information Security

We take our responsibility and your trust in us seriously. MPOWR’s comprehensive information security management program is independently verified by 3rd party auditors, and designed to continuously assesses risks and improve the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the service. Learn More >